Air Fryer Food Cooked Perfectly Every Time!

The Air Fryer Temperature Chart For Perfect Cooking Every Time

Say Goodbye to Under or Overcooked food in Your Air Fryer! This Handy Air Fryer Cheat Sheet Helps You Cook 85+ Foods to Perfection.
Get the Perfect Results Every Time With Our Reference Guide For The Perfect Cook Times & Temperatures For 88 Popular Foods
Our Magnetic Air Fryer Cheat Sheet features cook times, temperature settings and internal temperatures for a variety of the most popular and common foods, so you have ALL the information you need in ONE PLACE. Spend LESS time looking and MORE time cooking!

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Tools To Help You Feel Confident In The Kitchen

Customizable, simplified, fast & easy guide to air frying

No more guesswork - Our air fryer cheat sheet tells you exactly what to do

Get food on the table faster

Air frying is a great way to cook your favorite foods without the added fat and calories, but it can be hard to get recipes just right without knowing the proper heat settings, cooking times, and ideal internal temperatures.

This magnetic air fryer cheat sheet is the perfect reference to keep near your air fryer. Quickly look up the information you need and press start! You'll never have to guess again.

Perfectly Cooked Food Every Time!

looking for an easier way to air fry?

Cook With Confidence

Introducing the Magnetic Air Fryer Temperature Chart Cheat Sheet from Pine & Pepper.

 A must-have in the kitchen to help you quickly and easily air fry your favorite recipes with confidence.

Our Air Fryer Guide contains high quality magnets for any metal surface like a refrigerator or some air fryers. And it's lightweight so you can tape it to the inside of your cupboard instead. Placed near an air fryer, you'll have all the info you need right where you need it.

And don't worry, this reference is printed on water-resistant material with large fonts on a white and light background so times and temperatures of 85+ popular foods are easy to read. 

Get Ready To Make Amazing Meals

 This Cheat Sheet makes Air Frying Foods easier than ever.

Easily Reference 85+ Foods

This cheat sheet set comes with two magnets (one for fresh foods, and one for frozen foods).

Each magnet is divided into categories like vegetables, beef, poultry, pork/lamb, seafood, baked goods, and frozen foods so you can find exactly what you’re looking for faster.

There are also recommended cooking times and safe internal food temperatures listed in degrees Fahrenheit (°F). This cheat sheet even provides space to note any adjustments needed to your air fryer.

85+ Popular Foods Cooked Perfectly

Easy to use, customizable & Fast reference at your fingertips

Easily reference your cook times and temperatures without having to search Online or  Comb through a recipe book

Are you getting the most with your air fryer?

The biggest mistake people make is not knowing the right heat setting and cook times needed for their favorite foods. 

With this Magnetic Air Fryer Temperature Chart Cheat Sheet, you can unlock the full potential of your air fryer!

Never wonder what temperature to set for any food. Our chart includes cooking times, temperature settings and recommended internal food temperatures (at Fahrenheit) for all sorts of meats, baked goods, vegetables and more.

Cooking like a professional is within reach; just attach our magnetic cheat sheet to the side of your air fryer or fridge and get to work.

The heavy-duty magnets make sure it will stay in place; no more swatting away pesky index cards and cookbooks during meal prep!

Plus, it's waterproof so wiping any mess is easy.

 All these cooking tips will be right at your fingertips with this Magnetic Air Fryer Temperature Chart Cheat Sheet; get yours today and

Start Perfecting Your Recipes....

This reference guide is designed to make your air frying experience as easy and delicious as possible.

Our cheat sheet will help you choose the right temperature and cook times so you can perfect your favorite foods.

Pre-set temperatures and suggestions for various meats, vegetables, potatoes, fish and seafood provide an effortless cooking process.

To top it off, our cheat sheet offers recommended internal food temperatures for all sorts of foods so you can worry less and enjoy cooking more.

Take guessing out of meal prep; enjoy reliable guidance with the Magnetic Air Fryer Time & Temperature Guide Cheat Sheet.

Cook up flavorful dishes without the fuss, knowing that our reference guide makes cooking with an air fryer enjoyable and stress-free.

Take A Look At Whats Inside

Here Is A Glance At What Foods Are On Your New Magnet

 Chicken Breast

 Chicken Wings

 Whole Chicken (4-5lbs)


 Pork Loin

 Canned Cinnamon Rolls





 Raw Shrimp

 Filet Mignon



 Fresh Broccoli

 Corn On The Cob

 Baked Potato


 Sweet Potato Fries


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Air Fry Freely Without the Hassle

No More Google Searches, Sifting Through Long Blog Posts Or Remembering Where That Recipe Is

Fast & Easy Reference Guide

  • Fast: No more scrolling long and annoying blog posts full of ads and long text to find a single magic number.
  • Easy: Its simple, to the point, and easy to reference and read.
  • Available: With the magnetic backing you can easily stick it to your fridge and have it available at a moments notice. 
  • Accurate: Based on Youtube sensation Cathy Yoder's years of experience cooking with all different air fryers.
  • Safe: Fully cook your food the first time and avoid undercooked meals.

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  • Two Piece Magnet
  • Quick Guide For Cooking Temperatures For Your Air Fryer
  • 88 Of The Most Popularly Made Foods In An Air Fryer
  • Fast & Easy Way To Deliver Perfected Healthy Meals
  • Save Time & Energy With Simplicity
  • Air Fryer Temperature Settings
  • Recommended Cook Times
  • Minimum Internal Food Temperatures
  • Space To Note Adjustments For Your Air Fryer
  • Temperatures Are In Degrees Fahrenheit (°F)
  • One Easy Payment 
  • Fast & Free Shipping
  • Satisfaction Guarantee

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